Dual tube Ergodani Torch Tesla Lp-310

The most powerful air cooled TIG torch, for high intensity weldings where liquid refrigeration is not possible.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 8 cm
Amperage, DC % and Diameter (Ø)

270 Amp; 60% DC; 0, 5-4, 8mm;

Amperage, DC % and Diameter (Ø)

235 Amp; 60% AC; 0, 5-4, 8mm;

Electrodes up to 4,8mm, perfect for welding alluminium.
Electric activation control by push button. Extra refrigeration and threaded conexion. Capable of working continuously at high intensities.
XC: Thicker tungsten holder, increasing the conductivity and avoiding overheatings.
Diffuser integrated in the head, all being a single piece of copper.
Available in coaxial cable or bitube.